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We at Moss Saddles Boots & Tack have you covered. With a wide variety of options from Billy Cook to Martin and McColl, we are sure to have the perfect fit for you.
Cinch up and ride with quality. 5 Star, Professional's Choice and Equibrand. Mohair, neoprene and fleece.

McCall Saddle Co. Mission Statement

We pledge that each McCall Saddle produced will be made of the finest materials and workmanship possible giving you the finest fitting saddle for horse and rider that money can buy all manufactured in a timely fashion.

Used Saddles

Billy Cook Saddlery

Outfit your horse with Billy Cook Saddlery. Billy Cook saddles are renowned for their durability, comfort, and performance. Billy Cook barrel saddle and roper saddles are perfect for riders for all experience levels and skill sets. Get your saddle from Billy Cook today!

We start'em out young

We start'em out young

Courts Saddles

Court's Saddlery offers a variety of saddles for your riding needs. As well as everyday riding saddles, we also offer trophy saddles for organizations looking for prize saddles.

Buy Now & Save On This Saddle!

Buy Now & Save On This Saddle!

Kids Saddles: 10, 12, & 13 Inch for the Young Cow Hands

Kids Saddles: 10, 12, & 13 Inch for the Young Cow Hands

Like new Colorado Saddlery saddle and diamond wool pad as seen, $899.00. call for more information

Like new Colorado Saddlery saddle and diamond wool pad as seen, $899.00. call for more information

Martin Saddles

Martin saddle trees are assembled with specific angles of alignment, symmetrical and measurable balanced. The bar pattern in a Martin saddle tree is designed to provide full, even contact with the horses back throughout the entire length of the bar. The bars are carefully spaced to allow adequate spine relief with a one-of-a-kind flare that forgives as it corresponds to the contours of a horses back. Our flared design helps relieve uneven pressure points and accommodates the movement of the horses shoulder and loin. It also encourages lateral flexion by allowing the horses shoulder and hips to roll and move as nature intended. This feature also helps prevent the bar from jamming the shoulder during hard stops and turns.

Cactus Saddles

Cactus Saddlery is one of the industry's leading saddle, strap good, saddle pad and equine accessory companies in the market. Cactus Saddlery holds their products to high standards in quality, fit and personalized customer service. With products made in the U.S.A., Cactus sets itself apart. With trophy saddles, custom saddles and an endless list of accessories, Cactus provides quality products for a wide range of consumers. We are proud to be the official saddle of the PRCA, ACTRA, NBHA, WTRC and the WPRA.

All of Cactus Saddlery products are handmade in Greenville, Texas. There is over 150 years of combined experience in saddle making skills. We provide premium saddles, tack and equine accessories designed, developed and ridden by our endorsees who boast more than 40 combined World Champion titles.

New Courts Saddles in stock 16 Ranch Roper and 14.5 inch all around saddle .

GO for the WIN in this 14" ALL AROUND or this 14" BARREL RACER by COURTS SADDLERY. Add a competitive edge with a 5 STAR PAD, Breast collar and cinch!!!


Check out this 15" Martin All Around Saddle with Classic Equine breast collar and bridle, and with a 5 Star saddle pad